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1. FAQs on preorders

Can I make the pre-order kick in based on inventory levels?

Yes, you have this option when you select “Pre-order only when out of stock” in the app. Then the pre-order will become active when inventory reaches 0 in Shopify and when inventory is above 0 it will go into a pending state and the pre-order settings will be removed.

Can I set my pre-order to be available for only a limited time?

Yes you can. You just need to set a start date and an end date for your campaign.

Can I have a pre-order option and a notify me option at the same time for the same product?

Yes, you can mix functionalities in Timesact. You just need to add the product or variant(s) in both the Pre-orders and Back in Stock tabs and make them active.

Do I need to have continue selling enabled to make the pre-order work?

You need to if you have 0 stock in Shopify and wish to enable the checkout. There is an alternative solution where you add the quantity you wish to put on pre-order directly in Shopify and select to use that in the app. In that scenario you do not require continue selling enabled.

My product has multiple variants. Can I set only some variants on pre-order, with some sold out and some in stock?

Yes, the app works at a variant level. You can have a look at our demo store example. 

How will I know what item is a pre-order when I start thinking about fulfillment?

We tag your orders automatically with a “Pre-order” tag. Mixed orders (in-stock and pre-order items) get an additional tag “Partial Pre-order” so you can easily identify them. Additionally you will have the cart label in the order to be able to identify the actual products on pre-order in the order.

2. FAQs on business model

What is included in my free plan?

It includes 10 pre-orders (meaning an order with at least one active pre-order variant in them), 10 in-stock orders, 50 back in stock emails and unlimited coming soon products.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can. You can upgrade/downgrade/cancel to meet your current monthly needs. It’s the main benefit of our flexible business model. Please bare in mind you will need to do this manually.

Can I autoscale (auto update) my subscription?

No, this is currently not an option. All upgrades, downgrades & cancellations must be done manually. This way you will never be surprised by a charge and have total control and ownership of the subscription you choose to activate.

Is this a one time charge or a monthly subscription?

It is a monthly subscription. Your e-commerce provider (i.e. Shopify, Wix) will charge you once every 30 days as long as you have the subscription active.

What happens when I reach my plan limit?

We send emails when 70% of a plan is reached, then 100%. There is a grace period of 24 hours during which time you can still get orders. Once the 24 hour grace period expires and you have not upgraded the settings from the app will no longer apply to your products. Please note that the email address we send notifications to is the main Shopify account email for your store. If you wish it changed please get in touch with out support team.

When does the counter reset?

It resets on the 1st of each month sometime in the evening UTC+3 time after we finish our monthly reporting requirements.

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