Growing Shopify sales is hard. The Timesact | Discount Pre-order app makes it easy.

Our Shopify app will help you sell more by targeting price sensitive consumers who are willing to wait for a bargain, without losing impulse shoppers who will pay full price to get what they want now. 

*FREE plan available.

*FREE plan available.

How do discounted pre-orders work

We add a button that lets your shoppers purchase a product or service from you  at a discounted price, at a future date. They pay you upfront and you start fulfilling the order later (e.g. 1 month from purchase). 

Let’s say you are selling this robot sweeper for 950$ today. You offer the same product 20 days from now at 900$ (a 10% discount).

Now imagine two customers:

Kevin, an impulse shopper like most of your current buyers likes it and buys it now for the full price of 950$

But Mary who is a bargain shopper wants the discount so she pays you 900$ now and will receive the sweeper from you in 20 days

This 2 weeks time can be used to optimize your business.

During this time you can arrange better supplier deals by ordering in bulk and find cheaper delivery solutions for your customers.

You also have the working capital to help you with the costs of running your business (ads, technology, payroll etc.). 

Effortless store setup in 4 steps

First you must have a Shopify store to use Timesact. You can install our app and many other useful ones in the Shopify App Store. On average a Shopify Merchant uses 6 apps so be sure to take full advantage if you were not using apps before.

This is the discount you will be applying to your timesactions. So if you are selling a pair of jeans for 100$ now and will select 20% discount you will be earning 80$ from this timesaction.

This is the time (in number of days) that the client will have to wait in order to get the discounted product or service. So if you set it to 14 days, the client will wait 14 days until the order is fulfilled. 

OBS: You should use this time to optimize your business (renegotiate with suppliers, batch orders to get discounts and negotiate with shipping suppliers). 

Now when customers shop on your website they will have a new button below the “Add to cart” one named “Timesact”. When they click it the product will be added to cart with the applied discount and they will be informed how long they must wait for fulfillment. The rest of the check-out process is unchanged.  

One of the safest Shopify Apps ever built

A Shopify store owner must worry about any change to the site. That’s why Timesact has a code deactivation button and automatic customer support notification to proactively tackle any errors that might occur.

Why do discounted pre-orders increase sales?

Because impulse shoppers value time over money and bargain hunters value money over time. And because this pricing strategy doesn’t force you to prioritize one group over another you can sell to both.

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