Differences between statuses (Active, Pending, No Stock, Expired)

Understanding the distinctions between these statuses is essential for managing the app features. Learn more about each status below.


  • When a product has an active status, it signifies that the functionality it was added to is currently active. For example, if it’s active in the Pre-order list, the pre-order button is displayed on the product page.
    Depending on your settings, this status may also indicate the stock level for the item. For example, if you’ve selected the ‘Pre-order when out of stock’ setting for Pre-order, it means that for that particular variant, you have no available inventory in your Shopify store.
  • This status serves as a valuable tool for monitoring your stock levels and confirming the active status of the functionality assigned to that item.


  • A product in pending status means that the functionality it was added to has not yet been activated. For example, for the following functions: Pre-order when out of stock, Back In Stock, and Coming Soon, the corresponding button is not displayed since these functions only become active once the item or variant is out of stock.
    If you have set a start date for a later date, a Pending status could also indicate that the start date for that variant has not yet arrived. Once the date arrives, it will automatically transition from Pending to Active.
No Stock

  • No Stock as the name indicates, means that the item is out of stock. Some of the functionalities require an item to be in stock to work (e.g., Pre-order when inventory is available/In Stock). Updating your inventory when you have available inventory in Shopify will also update the status.

  • All four of Timesact’s features (Pre-order, Back In Stock, In Stock, Coming Soon) have settings for an End Date. When the End Date arrives, this disables the functionality, and the item reverts back to its normal behavior (e.g., if an item is out of stock, it will display as “Sold Out” rather than available for pre-order).

  • The item I have added in Pre-order/Back In Stock/Coming Soon shows as “Active,” but when I go to the product page, it is still marked as “Sold Out.”
    In many cases, when an item is added to the Product list and then has its variant updated in Shopify’s end, the item added is not automatically updated. To resolve this, remove the item first from the product list, and then add it again. If you need further assistance, please contact support@timesact.com.