Back In Stock (Notify Me)

Back In Stock (Notify Me) functionality is a great way to let the customers know when the item is back in stock. For some of the customers, they might not want to purchase through a pre-order but would rather wait until the item is in stock. This feature keeps them in the loop, offering a smooth experience for your customers.
Adding Product

  • To add products in Back In Stock, go to PRODUCTS > BACK IN STOCK, and then click on +ADD PRODUCTS
Choosing Items

  • Choose the item(s) you wish to add to Back In Stock. You can select multiple items simultaneously, and even opt for specific variants.
  • After selecting the item(s), click on Next/Add. This action will take you to the pre-order settings. If you only want to use Back In Stock notifications, disable the pre-order functionality, and click on the Back In Stock tab.
Back In Stock Settings

  • In the Back In Stock settings, activate the functionality and set a Back In Stock Threshold. The threshold represents the minimum inventory quantity to start notifying subscribers. (For example, if you set the threshold to 10, updating your inventory to 7 won’t trigger Back In Stock notification emails). Click Save to apply your settings, and you’re all set.
Back In Stock Subscriptions

  • You can view the customers who are subscribed to BACK IN STOCK, below ORDERS in the dashboard.
Exporting List

  • You can export the list for use in another email marketing app. Click the EXPORT CSV button, choose a time frame, and a CSV file will be sent to the email registered with your store.

  • Can I have both Back In Stock and Pre-order at the same time?
    Yes, you can have both buttons simultaneously. Back In Stock is automatically enabled when your inventory is out of stock for an item. If you select the ‘Pre-order when out of stock’ option in the Pre-order settings, both the Pre-order and Notify Me buttons will be available on the product page. Watch this video on mixing Pre-order and Notify Me for the same product:
  • Do you have integrations with Klaviyo?
    We are currently working on integrations with the Klaviyo app; it’s something that’s in progress. We’ll keep you updated!