Our Partners

Timesact partners and integrates with best in class apps to provide you more tools to improve your e-commerce business and bring in more sales.

1. Page builder apps

They help you create beautiful website pages with customizable elements. Timesact will integrate with them automatically.

Ecomposer logo

EComposer Landing Page Builder

ECompose helps merchants create any page type or section, fast and simply, using a live drag-and-drop editor. Even beginners can customize pages easily with the rich library of EComposer elements, options, and templates. Save tons of time and cost using third-party apps with various built-in extensions to boost sales.



PageFly is a user-friendly Shopify Landing Page Builder app that currently serves more than 160.000 merchants and brings in a complete package to build high-converting stores with 90+ templates, simple drag-and-drop, no coding required, creating a seamless digital experience across devices.

2. Review apps

They help you create social proof. Especially useful if you can start a pre-order campaign and can import some reviews from other platforms.

Trustoo logo


Trustoo is the leading Shopify review app. Want to improve conversion rates? Your consumers want authentic user-generated content (UGC) to make purchasing decisions. You’ll need a lot of social proof and a good brand reputation. Includes importing reviews, optimizing SEO, increasing organic traffic, and gaining repeat customers.

Dadao Product Reviews & Email Logo

Dadao Product Reviews & Email

Free to import Amazon, Aliexpress, Etsy & Walmart reviews. Sumit Reviews to Google Shopping Ads and Google Search results. One link from other shopping platforms to import plenty of reviews into your Shopify store. Delicate reviews widget, Grid, List, Carousel, Popup, and Sidebar, inspired by Etsy.

3. Translation apps

They help you reach and convert a larger audience by generating translations of texts in the users language. Integrates with Timesact. 

ETranslate Logo

ETranslate: Language Translate

Can your store be available in multiple languages and multiple currencies? You may have missed a lot of potential orders if the answer is “NO!”. ETranslate is built on the Shopify Translate API. In a few clicks you localize your shop without slowed page speed.

4. Bundle apps

They help you increase AOV by incentivising customers to purchase more items in order to unlock benefits like better pricing or free shipping.

Bundler ‑ Product Bundles Logo

Bundler ‑ Product Bundles

Bundler allows you to offer discounts on your products when the customer purchase them together in a bundle. Product bundles will help you increase your average order value, boost your sales and promote popular products together! Start Boosting your average order value by integrating the Bundler app into your Shopify store today!

5. Pop-up apps

Use these apps to give visitors well-timed alerts they can’t miss, whether it’s right when they arrive or are about to head out.

EcomSend Logo

EcomSend Pop Ups

How to get more customers is one of the biggest challenges in e-commerce, EcomSend puts it all at your fingertips. Popups with discounts to grow your email & SMS marketing list, retain exit intent and convert leads, fully customizable to match your brand. EcomSend works out of the box without a single line of code.

6. Back in stock (SMS & store-wide setting) apps

These apps help you automatically detect sold out products on your website and add a notify me option with SMS functionality. 

CW Back in Stock Logo

CW Back in Stock Restock Alert

CW Back In Stock is an easy-use app, it could win back out-of-stock lost sales with smarter auto sending SMS notifications when restocking. It has a one-click setup without coding, automatically enabling the ‘NOTIFY ME’ button on your product page. You can also design your notification template for the app block.

7. Loyalty apps

Pre-orders are a great way to make a first contact and sale but then you will want to retain your new customers with rewards and loyalty programs.

Loloyal logo


Turn shoppers into loyal fans with Loloyal. Boost your customer retention rates and increase sales with our powerful loyalty and rewards system. They build a referral marketing program that turns loyal customers into brand advocates and lets customers refer a friend & save on ad spending. Get started today!

8. Chat apps

These apps give your customers a way to message you in real time—with live chat or chatbots and FAQs to optimize support resources.

Willdesk Logo


Willdesk is the ultimate all-in-one platform for eCommerce businesses. It seamlessly integrates tracking, FAQs, messengers, CRM, and more, empowering you to deliver personalized customer service and drive sales effortlessly. Simplify logistics, enable self-service FAQs, and provide top-notch support.

9. Order tracking apps

With these apps you can let your customers know where their package is and how long it’ll take to arrive. It’s a service people have come to expect.

Parcel Panel Logo

Parcel Panel

ParcelPanel is the most popular Shopify order tracking app, that supports both Shopify and WooCommerce. With real-time tracking, proactive exception handling, automated product shipping notifications, branded tracking page, a smart upsell system and  powerful analytics for better decision making.

Become a partner

If you have a Shopify app with a good rating and fairly large userbase we would love to hear from you and potentially partner up. Please fill out the form below or email us at contact@timesact.com. Expect to hear back in under 12 hours.

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