Product Features

Learn more about the Timesact functionalities you have at your disposal to automate your pre-orders, back in stock notifications and more.

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Powerful functionality and automation, easily configurable, in a user friendly interface.

Button Customizations

Change the button name automatically and apply your custom styling to make it fit your website perfectly.

Product Page Messages

Add relevant information such as estimated shipping dates on pages. Mixes easily with dynamic variables.

Cart Labels

Add relevant order information during checkout and in emails like shipping dates for line items.


Cart Alert Pop-ups

Draw customer attention to important information such as shipping policy for a mixed pre-order/in-stock cart.

Product Badges

Customizable stylish badges to inform customers a product is on pre-order. Works on product pages & collections.

Countdown Timers

Create a sense of urgency for customers to improve your add to cart & conversion rates.

Partial Payment

Allow 0 down deposits or % or fixed sum upfront payment with the balance being charged later automatically.

Automatic Discounts

Easily apply discount to preorders or in-stock orders to boost sales. Mix with scheduling to create sales events.

Order Limits

Limit the amount of product inventory that can be pre-ordered to avoid overselling past given stock levels.

Order Tagging

Orders are automatically tagged with pre-order, partial pre-order or in stock tags for easy tracking and fulfillment. 

Fulfillment Options

Choose between putting orders on hold until a certain date or leave them unfulfilled to be manually processed.

Shipping Delay Emailing

When an inevitable shipping delay takes place, inform your customers with ease about it by email.  

Variant Level Functionality

The app allows you to have different settings for different variants of the same product based on needs.

Template Settings

Easily reuse your settings or create multiple options with templating. Save time & customize as much as needed.

Sales Analytics

Track how sales are going with the order, product sold and revenue generated dashboard counters.

Automated Emails

Sent pre-order emails automatically when an order is places informing customers of the order specifics.

Back in Stock Thresholds

Avoid unnecessary back in stock email blasts when stock turns positive (e.g. a return is made) with stock thresholds.  

Feature Combos

Easily combine pre-order and back in stock or coming soon and back in stock options to maximize conversions.

Dynamic Variables

Use the same messages and insert dynamic shipping dates, remaining stock and campaign end dates.

Scheduling Products

Set start and end dates for your campaigns and have settings turn on/off automatically based on dates.

Selling Plans

Setup selling plans to instruct Shopify how to charge customers and communicate with fulfillment.

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