Creating a Selling Plan

A Selling Plan is a template for shipping, billing and discounts that can be assigned to different variants and be reused as many times as needed. Editing a Selling Plan will affect all products and variants using the Selling Plan, but will not affect orders already placed.

 To create a Selling Plan go to SETTINGS > SELLING PLAN > + NEW SELLING PLAN:

Selling Plan Name, Options and Descriptions


When creating a Selling Plan the first step will be to create a name that identifies and differentiates it internally. This name at the top of the page will be used on drop-down menus when selecting which Selling Plan to assign to a specific product.

A great option is to add the Shipping Date, Billing Policy, Discount or name of the Product it will be used if it will be unique to a product:

          • Blue Jacket – 35% Upfront – December 23, 2023
          • Full Amount – January 1, 2024


This name is a customer-facing that appears in in locations that are related to the final order such as the Cart and Checkout Line Items and Order Details. Some example names:

          • Pre-Order Item Shipped on October 10, 2023
          • Pre-Order Item with 25% Upfront Payment


This will be displayed in the Product Page above the Pre-Order Button and it’s advised that it describes the mode of payment as it should stand out from any other option you might have for the product:

          • Partial Payment 40%
          • Full Payment at 10% Discount


This is an optional field that is displayed on the same area as the Pre-Order Message either above or below the Pre-Order Button. It can contain any information on the discount or billing policies you might have for Pre-Orders. Another option is to place fulfillment policies you might have for mixed carts.



Setting a Shipping Date is useful when using in conjunction with Dynamic Variables in the Pre-Order Message and Cart Message/Label as it will reflect any changes directly to locations such as the Product Page, Cart Label and Pre-Order Confirmation Emails.

Shipping Date Description Shopify Fulfillment Status
No Set No Date data available Unfulfilled
Date Specific Date Scheduled
Period X number of Days/Weeks/Months from Checkout On Hold
Interval Similar to Period but creates a range after Checkout and another set of X number of Days/Weeks/Months from the first Period chosen On Hold



  • If you are using values for Shipping Date will directly affect stores using a Fulfillment Apps/Services.
  • Please communicate with the App’s Support as to what works best for them in terms of Fulfillment Statuses on Shopify that works with their systems.
  • Some Apps might not recognize Fulfillment Statuses and will not read data coming from Shopify if they are not on the Unfulfilled status or will be unable to fulfill restocked items if they are On Hold or Scheduled.
  • Timesact’s flow ends after a Pre-Order item is checked out, for any concerns between the Fulfillment Status on Shopify and the Fulfillment App will need to be coordinated between Shopify and the App.

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