Partial Payments and Legacy Workflow

Timesact offers two workflows for your order process/checkout, each suited to different needs. Understanding the differences between these workflows can help improve your sales process and checkout arrangements.
New Workflow
In the new workflow, partial payments/deferred payments are enabled, but you will be limited to two payment options for pre-order items: Shopify Payments and Paypal Express.
Also, under the new workflow, once an order is processed, the fulfillment status is set to either “Unfulfilled”, “Scheduled”, or “On Hold”, depending on the shipping date used in the Selling Plan. More information here:
How to Determine if Partial Payments are Enabled
You can check if you are in the new workflow by verifying whether you have the option to edit your existing Selling Plan in SETTINGS > SELLING PLANS.

If you require other payment arrangements, such as local payment channels, consider reaching out to to request migration to the Legacy workflow. Keep in mind that partial payments are not enabled in the legacy workflow.

Legacy Workflow
In the legacy workflow, all Shopify approved payment channels are accepted, but you will not be able to use partial payments.

Once the order is processed, the fulfillment status is always set to unfulfilled, no matter the shipping date set (No Date, Date, Period, Interval).

How to Determine if I am in the Legacy Workflow.
The Selling Plan works differently in the legacy workflow. For starters, you will not be able to edit existing Selling Plans, but you can still create unlimited Selling Plans.

Additionally, in SETTINGS > SELLING PLANS, you’ll find a notification if you wish to migrate to the new workflow.

If you wish to use the partial payment feature, please contact to discuss migrating to the new workflow. Be aware that one trade-off of transitioning to the new workflow is that you’ll be limited to two payment channels for pre-order items, namely Shopify Payments and Paypal Express.


  • If I decide to migrate the new workflow and later find that it’s not the perfect fit for my store, can I switch back to the legacy workflow, and vice versa?
    At Timesact, we’re dedicated to making sure your setup perfectly aligns with your vision. If you find that the workflow isn’t an ideal fit for your store’s unique requirements, know that you can contact to request to migrate back to your previous workflow.