Collections Page Badge Not Displaying Properly

Cause 1: Not all items are added/active in Pre-order

  • Explanation: The badge in the Collections page will only appear if all variants of a specific item are marked as active on pre-order. This logic is in place to prevent customers from assuming that all variants are on pre-order when some may be in stock.

    In the provided screenshot, you can see that the Blue Silk Tuxedo has some pending variants, and the Chequered Red Shirt has only the Medium size added to the Pre-order list.
Cause 2: The Collections Page badge is not enabled on a custom pre-order template

  • Explanation: The Collections Page badge can only be configured via the global template. The custom template lacks the option to enable the badge on the collections page, unlike the global template.
Solution 1:

  • Add all variants to the Pre-order list for the affected item.
  • Ensure that all variants in the Pre-order list are marked as active.
Solution 2:

  • Enable the collections page badge through the global template.
  • Utilize a style that is applicable to all pre-order items if you have multiple custom templates

  • Why are all the variants listed in Pre-order/Back In Stock/In Stock/Coming Soon marked as active, but the Collections Page badge is still not showing?
    All of the variants must be added in Timesact, for the Collections Page badge to be in effect.

If none of the solutions resolves the issue, contact for further assistance.