Countdown Timer

Countdown Timers are effective tools for creating a sense of urgency and capturing your customers’ attention for your pre-orders/in stock items. They can be particularly useful when promoting a limited pre-order window or an exclusive time-limited discount, ensuring your message is communicated effectively.

Enabling Countdown Timer

  • Go to SETTINGS > TEMPLATES > PRE-ORDER/IN STOCK (depending on which functionality you want to enable it), and click on Edit (pencil icon).
  • Once there, click on the MESSAGE tab, scroll down until you see the ‘Configure countdown timer’ section, and then enable it.
Customizing your Countdown Timer

  • You can customize your countdown timer, from the title and labels to the timer type. Additionally, you can customize styles for your timer and adjust its placement.
  • After you are satisfied with your customization, click ‘Save Changes.’ Your changes will be applied automatically to your pre-order/in-stock item once you refresh the product page.

  • Can I have different templates for Countdown Timers?
    Yes, you can have different templates for Countdown Timers. Each timer is set up based on the template you choose in SETTINGS > TEMPLATES.
  • Why does it not sync with my local time?
    The countdown timer (and the app in general) has its timezone set to UTC+0. Currently, you can’t change this, but we are looking to implement a feature to change the timezone in the future.