Dynamic Variables

Personalize your Pre-orders and In Stock messages with dynamic variables. These variables offer a valuable tool for tailoring your messages and notifications to your customers, creating a unique and engaging shopping experience. This allows you to communicate timely and relevant information to your customers, making each interaction more personalized and effective.

This can be both found in Pre-order and In stock templates, and can be used in both product page as well as a cart label. Go to SETTINGS > TEMPLATES > PREORDER/IN STOCK/CUSTOM TEMPLATE and go to Message and/or Cart tab.

Pre-order Quantity

  • If you want to inform customers about the remaining pre-order items, the dynamic variable {{preorderQuantity}} reveals the exact number of pre-order/in stock items available, providing customers with crucial information about product availability and encouraging them to act swiftly.
Shipping Date

  • If you’re looking to keep your customers informed about when their orders will be shipped, the dynamic variable {{shippingDate}} offers the exact shipping date, ensuring your customers are well-prepared for the arrival of their eagerly anticipated products.
Days Left Until Shipping Date

  • Want to build excitement and anticipation for upcoming shipments? Use the dynamic variable {{daysLeftUntilShippingDate}} to display the number of days remaining until the items are shipped, creating a sense of anticipation and keeping your customers engaged with their purchase.
Days Left Until Pre-order End Date

  • If you want to keep customers informed about the limited time left for pre-order offers, the dynamic variable {{daysLeftUntilPreorderEndDate}} reveals the countdown of days remaining until the pre-order window closes, instilling a sense of urgency and motivating customers to seize the opportunity before it’s gone.

  • Why is it showing VARIABLE_NOT_SET?
    If the information required for the dynamic variable is missing, it will display the “VARIABLE_NOT_SET” text in your messages. This can occur for the following reasons:

    • Lack of pre-order/in-stock quantity information for {{preorderQuantity}}
    • Absence of a shipping date for {{shippingDate}} and {{daysLeftUntilShippingDate}}
    • Missing pre-order/in-stock end date for {{daysLeftUntilPreorderEndDate}}