Coming Soon

Whether you’re teasing an upcoming product release or building excitement through marketing, the Coming Soon feature is your secret tool. It lets you showcase your product without committing to pre-orders just yet.
Adding Products

  • To add products in Coming Soon, go to PRODUCTS > COMING SOON, and then click on +ADD PRODUCTS
Choosing Items

  • Choose the item(s) you wish to add to Coming Soon. You can select multiple items simultaneously, and even opt for specific variants.
  • After clicking NEXT/ADD, you will be directed to the Pre-order settings page. Here, disable the Pre-order functionality, and then click on the Coming Soon tab.
  • Enable Coming Soon and click save, this will now enable you to have the Coming Soon button on your products page.

  • Why doesn’t the button do anything?
    The Coming Soon button is unclickable. It serves as a useful feature if you want to offer an item preview but aren’t ready to commit to a pre-order yet.
  • Can I have both Pre-order and Coming Soon at the same time?
    You can’t have both buttons simultaneously. However, you can enable them to appear one after the other by selecting the third option in the Pre-order settings, which is ‘Pre-order when inventory is available.’ In this configuration, when an item is in stock, the Pre-order button is displayed. Once the item goes out of stock, it is replaced with the Coming Soon button. Watch this video on mixing Coming Soon and Notify Me for the same product: