Pre-order / Back In Stock / Coming Soon / In Stock Templates
Templates allow you to further customize each feature, including button text, style, timers, and pop-ups. When you navigate to SETTINGS > TEMPLATES, you will find the global default templates for each feature.
The common element among these feature templates is the ability to customize button text, message, and badges.

Button Customization
Each feature template provides options for customizing button text and style. When you click on edit (pen icon) on the global templates, this will bring you to the button customization page.

For instance, in the Pre-Order template, you can modify the text to say “Back Order” or “Limited Stocks Buy Now,” among other possibilities. You can also adjust the button style to match your store’s theme, offering various customization options to suit your preferences.
Button Messages
You can customize your button to include additional messages, allowing you to provide customers with extra information such as estimated shipping dates, restocking estimates, existing discounts, and more. Pre-orders and In Stock have the ability to incorporate dynamic variables into their messages. Navigate to the Message tab to customize messages. Dynamic variables can also be used in creating cart labels.
You can enable badges on the product page and collections page for a specific feature, adding visual elements to attract your customers’ attention. To enable or edit badges, navigate to Badges and explore additional options like badge text, placement, and style.

Creating Custom Templates
Should you wish to use a different button for an item with similar functionality, you can create or duplicate existing templates and apply them to the items added in the product list. For instance, you can create two types of pre-order templates: one for ‘Pre-order’ and one for ‘Back Order,’ enabling you to customize the buttons as needed

Once you have created and customized the new template, apply it to the product list either during the initial setup or via the product list settings.

  • I want the button to match my store’s Buy button.
    The Pre-order and In Stock templates offer the option to use the “Default” button style. This will make the button adapt to your theme’s buy button.
  • The Collections page badge isn’t matching my custom template badge.
    The Collections Page badge can only be configured via the global template. The custom template lacks the option to enable the badge on the collections page, unlike the global template.