How to set up pre-order on Shopify in 3 ways | Complete guide for 2020

How to set up Pre-order on Shopify in 3 Ways | Complete Guide for 2020

Pre-orders are an amazing tool that every Shopify Store owner should use to test out product ideas and get working capital to scale and optimize the business. If you are pumped to get started keep reading further. If you are unsure of the many benefits they can bring to your e-commerce site we recommend you read this blog post and then come back.

Way #1: Do it yourself


  • Fully customizable solution (provided you possess the coding skills).
  • No money costs (only time).
  • It’s a learning opportunity.


  • It’s time consuming.
  • Requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Liquid coding. 
  • You need to keep it up to date yourself.

Here is a step by step tutorial that you can follow along with. It covers both non-sectioned as well as sectioned themes (newer) and consists of four main steps, each with it’s own sub-steps. You will have to authorize payments, create a pre-order product page template, assign the template you created to specific products and edit your inventory levels. Be sure to test thoroughly so as to avoid errors that will lead to a bad customer experience.

You can of course go beyond the tutorial and create a custom solution that is just right for your store (i.e. integrate with an email flow or apply custom discount patterns). Your imagination is the limit but you must be aware of the time investment you are making. Don’t forget that you could also be using this time to generate sales by running ads, doing SEO or direct client outreach. So consider the trade-off carefully before you get started. 

Way #2: Hire an expert


  • Fully customizable solution (provided you can afford it).
  • Expert advice.


  • Highest costs.
  • Trust is an issue because of fake reviews.
  • Any update or feature request will cost you further. 
  • You depend on the developer.

If you decided that adding pre-orders to your store yourself is not worth the time spent another option to consider is hiring a Shopify Expert to help you. This is the most expensive way to do it but also the most customizable. That is because you can get any features you want but you will have to pay a hefty price for them. You will of course benefit greatly from expert advice and in a way it is cheaper than doing it yourself and making website stopping coding mistakes.

We strongly recommend only hiring experts directly through the Shopify website for the following reasons. There is some mild vetting by Shopify despite the general waivers in their terms of service. Also any expert that provides poor services has some reputation risk on the marketplace that will cost them future clients. That being said you should be wary of fake reviews and also understand that lower costs can easily translate to lower quality of service.

Way #3: There’s an app for this


  • FREE plans available for up to 7500$ in sales.
  • Scaling up is very affordable
  • Saves a lot of time (install and setup in minutes).
  • Customer support 24/7.
  • Apps are vetted by Shopify for safety and functionality.
  • Guaranteed constant improvement of features.
  • Features are kept up to date for you.


  • Minor costs (very scalable in most cases).
  • Customization is limited to app features (but complete solutions do exist).

The third way to do this is by using the Timesact | Discount Pre-order Shopify App. You get almost all of the upside with none of the downside. It’s easy to use, fast to set up and offers a FREE plan that can earn you 7500$ a month. The pre-order button is added automatically and the order flow, including check-out is handled for you. Further you get full customer support by email and chat and new and improved features every month.

This option works best for store owners who want to focus their time and resources towards building up their sales and marketing and less on technical issues and talking to freelancers. Perhaps the only slight downside is that the app might not have all the features you can think of but you must remember that the feature set the app does offer is a result of a collaboration between merchants and the developers so you are benefiting from shared knowledge.

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